Smells like fresh Art and Barbeque in the morning. . .

Have you ever been to a craft fair, or art market, or art bazaar?  And have you ever been a vendor, selling your crafts, chatting with customers, socializing with strangers?  Well, if so, you know just how awesome it can be to chat up customers and make new friends.  I love that about being a crafter.  I’m pretty sure I’d be an awesome shop-girl.

This weekend we were invited by a local cafe-gallery to set up a mini art bazaar on their lawn, while they grilled sandwiches ala fresca, and live music wafted through the downtown air.  It was awesome.  I met so many nice people, enjoyed a nice (complementary) cup of joe, and a beautiful day.

Caffe Dolce, located at 1708 Victoria is always such an amazing supporter of new art ventures and local independent artists, not to mention they make a mean Chicken Chipotle Sandwich and some mighty fine Nutella cupcakes.  Swing by when you can!


I made dreamcatcher necklaces with handmade ceramic beads, friendship bracelets, DimeWorks, and stationery products.  I met so many nice people and it made me so eager for another.


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